Richard "Dick" Batterbox Horvath Sportgood was the lead Stand-Up Bass player in the popular underground freeform jazz group "Michael Hippy and his Thinkin' Stones". He is best known for his vocal work in the Thinkin' Stones single "Potatoe (Reflections on a Tuber)".

Biography Edit

Dick Sportgood was born on June 12, 1945 to Fetter Ccini Sportgood, a biblical scholar, and Regent (Philbin) Sportgood, a door-to-door cat saleswoman. Sportgood was an exemplary student and was noted as being an avid class clown. On one occasion is noted for having performed his favorite stand-up comedy act in the cafeteria.

He is said to have been classmates with the later-revered cartoon ant Flik, with whom he attended most of elementary school. He graduated with high honors from Mungo Jerry Musical High School in 1963.

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