Dr. Egg Edwin Edgar Man is a scientist, recognized internationally as an expert in the field of nuclear science. He is a highly wanted criminal, guilty of many crimes against humanity, and as such is currently featured on both the FBI's Most Wanted List and the Illuminati's Troublers of Society in the New World Order listing. He is also the only known underdeveloped chicken living inside of a naturally hatched giant mecha-egg.

Biography Edit

Although he is a rather reclusive and mysterious person generally, and little is known about him at all, some information has been collected by government agencies, and subsequently leaked. It would seem he was born around 1830 to a barn chicken. Growing up, he never hatched, but developed within his mecha-egg, acting as a brain in a control room. He was a very tall young man, and by 1848 was already 6 feet and 8 inches. In the 1850's, he secretly studied Nikola Tesla through a small hole in Tesla's forest retreat home, and came into possession of his coil, which he turned into the first electro-nuclear death ray in 1929. In the 1920's, he moved into a small building in anticipation of a "chosen one", and in his religious fanatiscism seems to have remained there in waiting for the fulfillment of his doctrinal understandings. He seems to often be accompanied by his pet rat, Melvin, who has been infused with a posotronic brain, and therefore has been immortal since at least 1919. 

Crimes Edit

In 1918, Dr. Man sprayed the entire population of Southern Canada's beavers with electro-mind control tonic, hoping to enslave them. 

He has frequently been seen trying to steal various heavenly bodies, most notably the moon and Saturn. 

Wanted Poster for Dr. Man, Dated Circa 1978

It is long supposed that he has been an advocate of taking advantage of little-used food resources, and often eats rats and drinks puddle water, sometimes even squeezing the fiberglass lining of his basement dwelling to suck the mildew-glazed water from it. The rat community claims his advocacy of eating their race is a hate crime, and the Pink Panther has publicly said that it is dangerous to suck water out of his patented fiberglass.  

Dr. Man also hates ants, and often finds childish ways of killing them, including putting tiny dynamite sticks in their holes. Flik, the ant who played himself in the 1998 motion picture A Bug's Life, has described Dr. Man's behavior towards ants as "...hateful and vile. It really bugs me."  

Trivia Edit

  • The word egghead, meaning someone who is smart, has its origin attributed in reference of him.
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