The Lunch Lady is a crude, brutish old Lunch Lady. She is known for having much anger and disregard for sanitation and food safety rules, and for acting in a very tough and "manly" way.

Biography Edit

Unknown in origin, the Lunch Lady was raised by rats below the surface, in the sewers of New York City.

Independent from a young age, she snuck away from home at age 5. She subsequently served in the Great War as a lunch lady and medic with the US Army in an active combat zone in Egypt. Despite the fact a small child was in a combat zone concocting strange lunches, none of the soldiers or fellow cooks paid her any mind, as they assumed that the recruiters knew what she was doing.

After the war she went under an apprenticeship and became a full-time lunch lady, working in various school districts until she settled down at age 40 in the Brooklyn school systems, so she could pursue her career while remaining close to her family.

Quotes Edit

  • "Eh, still good!"
  • "Here's your slop!"
  • "I hope they ain't feds, you know I don't like them feds."
  • "Yeah, it's Grade Z meat, got it for half price!"
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