Oreo, better known by his pseudonym Muggy, is a small black and white cat owned by Brandon. He dislikes being pet in excess, and often bites when annoyed. He is known to bite with incredible force, scratch, and hiss when he's sick or disturbed in excess. Despite his good friendship and functional professional relationship with Casper, his fat deaf white roommate, he often fights, where a distressed screech can be heard, usually the result of his meowing at the other cat while being kicked in the stomach.

He is known to camp out in 3 locations: The more empty shelves of his owners' bookcases, his "hovel" (an empty bottom of a nightstand, meant for magazines and folded blankets), or his "cubby" (a space under a bookshelf desk-topper). He is usually more friendly while in the hovel, but if bothered in excess while in the cubby, he is known to viciously bite, scratch, and hiss, if not in a specific playful or sleepy mood. As of August 2018, his cubby has been filled with various sorting materials for Lego Technic pieces, and subsequently shut down.

On Thursday, March 29th, 2018, Muggy went missing, somehow sneaking out a 2-story high window. In his 24 hours roaming the streets, he was witnessed fighting with brutal alleycats. The next morning, he was discovered to have been hiding in an actual hovel in a neighboring house's foundation, where skunks and alleycats are known to dwell. It is supposed he had a cold, foodless night as he does not appear competent enough to catch any rats for his own consumption.

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